About Me

I'm the CMO at EventMobi

I'm the Chief Marketing Officer at EventMobi, a Toronto based Event Technology Platform that provides event planners and marketers with  the tech they need to get people registered for their event and ensure they engage and interact onsite with an event app.

A bit more....

I've been in tech for about 10 years and in marketing for over 20. I love the tech community in Toronto and participate in as many roundtables, meet-ups and events as I can get myself out to. You'll find me speaking from time to time on a variety of topics from marketing automation to team building - I'm happy to share what I've learned over the years with others when they find it helpful.

Advisory Work

If you want someone to bounce ideas off, talk leadership or strategy, I'd love to help. I'm happy to meet for coffee and chat or look at something more structured.


Looking for someone to contribute to your blog, whitepaper, ebook or other content...I'm happy to help! I'll even help you come up with the ideas if that's the type of help you need.

Speaking and Facilitation

Sharing knowledge and experiences and helping others is a passion. I'm happy to speak or run workshops on marketing, leadership and business strategy. I'm also a trained facilitator if you need those skills.

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to fill out the contact me form on this site or reach out to me on Linkedin.